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Decision B.7/5

Following a discussion of the letter of invitation, and suggestions to improve the text of the letter, the Board decided:
a) To adopt the  Invitation Letter to Eligible Parties to Submit Proposals for Accreditation to the Adaptation Fund Board, as orally amended,  on the 
understanding that the attachment would also be revised by the Chair to reflect the changes that had been made to the text of the letter, and on the understanding that the Chair would revise the letter of invitation so that it would inform Parties that they should submit their documentation  to the Board in English. The Invitation Letter to Eligible Parties to Submit Proposals for Accreditation to the Adaptation Fund Board, as orally amended and revised by the Chair, is contained in Annex V to the present report.
b) To adopt the  Invitation to Serve the Adaptation Fund Board as Multilateral Implementing Entity, as revised by the Chair, which is contained in Annex VI to the present report.



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