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Decision B.16/23

Having considered the comments and recommendations of the PPRC and EFC on the 50 per cent cap on MIEs, and after examination of the Chair’s proposal, the Adaptation Fund Board decided to:
(a) Maintain the 50 per cent cap for fully-developed proposals submitted by Multilateral Implementing Entities (MIEs);
(b) Invite the members of the Board to submit by 15 January 2012 proposals to the secretariat on how best implement the 50 per cent cap and on how to prioritize new project/programme proposals submitted by MIEs; 
(c) Request the secretariat to provide a report for consideration by the Chairs and ViceChairs of the PPRC and EFC  on the submissions related to the prioritization criteria for new proposals; and for consideration by the EFC the implementation of the 50 percent cap, which should also contain all the relevant figures and financial implications for the implementation of the cap; 
(d) Prioritize project/programme concepts submitted by MIEs endorsed up to and including the 16th Board meeting, in compliance with the cap referred to in (a); and
(e) Encourage National Implementing Entities to expedite the submission of their project and programme proposals.



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