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Decision B.14/30

The Chair closed the meeting to discuss the report of the ad hoc group established by decision  B.13/24.  The ad hoc committee comprised of Ms. Ana Fornells de Frutos (Spain, Annex I Parties), Chair of the Adaptation Fund Board, Mr. Yutaka Matsuzawa (Japan, Annex I Parties); Mr. Zaheer Fakir (South Africa, Africa); and Mr. Luis Santos (Uruguay, Latin American and Caribbean Countries). The committee had short-listed five candidates taking into account the TORs, and had interviewed two of the candidates. Following an exchange of views and the recommendation of the ad hoc committee, the Board decided to approach one of the short-listed candidates intersessionally to offer him/her the consultancy on the understanding that if he/she 
declined the proposed work plan, the other short-listed candidate would be approached in his/her place.



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