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Decision B.13/24

Having considered the recommendation of the Ethics and Finance Committee, the Board 
decided to:
(a) Approve US$50,000 to cover the costs of the study; 
(b) Approve the terms of reference contained in Annex VIII to the present report that should be posted on the AF and UNFCCC website specifying the ceiling approved for undertaking the performance study; and
(c) Name the following members to the ad hoc committee to evaluate the expressions of interest and develop a short-list of candidates to be interviewed:
(i) Ms. Ana Fornells de Frutos (Spain, Annex I Parties), Chair of the Adaptation Fund Board;
(ii) Mr. Anton Hilber (Switzerland, Western European and Others Group);
(iii) Mr. Zaheer Fakir (South Africa, Africa); and 
(iv) Mr. Luis Santos (Uruguay, Latin American and Caribbean Countries).



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