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Decision B.17/10

Cambodia: Enhancing Climate Resilience of Rural Communities Living in Protected Areas of Cambodia (Project Concept; UNEP; KHM/MIE/Food/2011/1; US $4,954,273) 
Having considered the recommendation of the PPRC the Board decided to: 
(a) Endorse the project concept, as supplemented by the clarification response provided by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)  to the request made by the technical review; 
(b) Request  that the secretariat transmit to UNEP the observation that during the development of the fully-developed project document the project proponent: 
(i) Should prioritize the specific activities within the components, in view of what problems are being addressed in order to focus the useful activities 
towards solving the underlying problems of sustainable resource management and in order to ensure effective management of those activities; and 
(ii) Should explain more specifically how the project would build upon the information and outputs generated by other projects or programmes such as the ones listed in the concept and e.g. the Cardamom Conservation Landscape Program implemented with Conservation International. 
(c) Request UNEP to transmit the observations referred to under item (b) above to the Government of Cambodia; and 
(d) Encourage the Government of Cambodia to submit through UNEP a fully-developed project proposal that would address the observations made under paragraph (b) above. 



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