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Decision B.18/16

Fiji: Enhancing Resilience of Rural Communities to Flood and Drought-Related Climate Change and Disaster Risks in the Ba Catchment Area of Fiji (Fully developed project document) (UNDP) (FJI/MIE/DRR/2010/3, US$5,728,800)
Having considered the comments and recommendations of the Projects and Programme Review Committee, the Adaptation Fund Board decided to:
(a) Not approve the project document, as supplemented by the clarification response provided by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to the request made by the technical review;
(b) Suggest that UNDP reformulates the proposal taking into account the following:
i. The project must demonstrate how it goes beyond plans and studies to reducing vulnerability at the community and beneficiary level and it is 
recommended that the implementation, application and mainstreaming of the proposed capacity-building activities be further described and clarified;
ii. While it has been demonstrated that communities will be engaged throughout the lifetime of the project, the proposal should provide more details on the scope and outcome of community consultations in regards to the design of the proposal, specifically emphasizing how community participation had informed the prioritization of activities;  the number of beneficiaries cannot be determined at the inception phase and should be provided in the proposal, even if only approximately, for the various components, and particularly for the investments at the community level;
iii. The proposal should elaborate on measures to preempt potential land-use conflicts such as agreements based on the outcomes of community 
iv. The proposal should justify the project based on the cost evaluation of alternative options to the proposed interventions; and 
v. The budget should provide budget notes explaining each budget line.
(c) Request UNDP to transmit the observations referred to in paragraph (b) above to the Government of Fiji.



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