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Decision B.14/13

Guatemala: Climate change resilient production landscapes and socio-economic networks advanced in Guatemala (UNDP) (GTM/MIE/Rural/2010/1, US$5,425,000)
Having considered the comments and recommendations of the Projects and Programme Review Committee, the Adaptation Fund Board decided to:
(a) Not approve the project document, as supplemented by the clarification response provided by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to the request made by the technical review;
(b) Request that UNDP reformulate the proposal taking into account the following observations:
(i) The outputs of the existing projects, that would be used to inform the current project, should be further discussed;
(ii) The proponent should clarify coordination mechanisms with other institutions where complementary projects are being implemented;
(iii) The basis for “direct” beneficiaries should be clarified in terms of economic, agricultural, or ecosystem-based benefits; and
(iv) There is significant uncertainty particularly with regards to the exact on-the-ground interventions that the project will support in communities. Since the project includes interdependent, sequential activities for which specific interventions have not been selected, further clarification is expected on the specific activities supported by the project. The proposal should define these activities, also discussing the consequences of the activities and the required processes to address environmental, social, and technical issues that may arise. The disbursement schedule should also be revised to be bound to outputs in addition to time-bound milestones.
(c) Request UNDP to transmit the observations referred to in paragraph (b) above to the Government of Guatemala, on the understanding that a revised project document might be submitted at a later date.



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