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Decision B.17/11

Lebanon: Climate Smart Agriculture: Enhancing Adaptive Capacity of the Rural Communities in Lebanon (AgriCAL) (Project Concept; IFAD; LBN/MIE/Agri/2012/1; US $7,860,825) 
Having considered the recommendation of the PPRC the Board decided to: 
(a) Endorse the project concept, as supplemented by the clarification response provided by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) to the request made by the technical review; 
(b) Request the secretariat to transmit to IFAD the following observations; 
(i) The baseline situation on the number of weather stations at national level should be provided; 
(ii) The fully-developed project document should provide information on the beneficiaries, with sex-disaggregated data whenever possible and the relevant information should be provided in the “benefits” section of the document;
(iii) The alternative options to the proposed measures that were considered should be provided, in order to better assess the project cost effectiveness; and 
(iv) The consultations so far did not include any representatives of local authorities or community organizations. At the fully-developed proposal stage, the consultations should be widened and include both the potential beneficiary groups and the vulnerable groups, and should ensure, whenever possible, that the process is gender-balanced. 
(c) Request IFAD to transmit the observation under item (b) to the Government of Lebanon; and 
(d) Encourage the Government of Lebanon to submit through IFAD a fully-developed project proposal that would address the observations made under paragraph (b) above. 



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