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Decision B.15/16

Madagascar: Promoting Climate Resilience in the Rice Sector (UNEP) (MAD/MIE/Agri/2010/1, US $4,504,920)
Having considered the comments and recommendations of the Project and Programme Review Committee, the Adaptation Fund Board decided to:
(a) Not approve the project document, as supplemented by the clarification response provided by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to the request made by the technical review;
(b) Request that UNEP reformulates the proposal taking into account the following issue:
(i) The project approach should be reconsidered in order to focus on a comprehensive approach within the Lake Alaotra Basin as the major rice producing area, in which case the participation of all major stakeholders, including upland communities, should be expanded, with a view to use the project as a case for upscaling at the national level. The refocusing of the project should take into consideration all aspects of the project, including the distribution of resources amongst activities.
(c) Further request UNEP to transmit the observation referred to in paragraph (b) above to the Government of Madagascar, on the understanding that a revised project document might be submitted at a later date.



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