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Decision B.16/16

Myanmar: Addressing Climate Change Risks on Water Resources and Food Security in the Dry Zone of Myanmar (Project Concept; UNDP; MMR/MIE/Rural/2011/1; US $7,909,026)
Having considered the comments and recommendations of the Project and Programme Review Committee, the Adaptation Fund Board decided to:
(a) Endorse the project concept, as supplemented by the clarification response provided by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to the request made by the technical review;
(b) Request the secretariat to transmit to UNDP the following observations:
(i) The proposal should be more precise, in terms of citing specific time frames, with climate change projections, with particular emphasis on how they have informed the project;
(ii) While the proposal is based on participatory selection of activities, community consultation is required for the project preparation phase. Many of the assessments envisioned for the implementation phase may be more appropriately reflected in the fully-developed proposal and should contribute to the design of the project;
(iii) The fully-developed proposal should present a balanced approach that incorporates existing traditional practices and indigenous knowledge and introduces innovations, new species, and enhanced practices in a participatory way; and
(iv) The proponent should expand on the implementation/execution arrangements in the full proposal, including the separation of functions and 
responsibilities, as well as explore cost efficiencies given UNDP’s role as both Implementing and Executing Entity.
(c) Request UNDP to transmit the observations under item (b) to the Government of Myanmar; and
(d) Encourage the Government of Myanmar to submit through UNDP a fully-developed project proposal that would address the observations under item (b).



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