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Decision B.10/10

Having considered the comments and recommendations of the Project and Programme Review Committee (PPRC), the Adaptation Fund Board decided:
(a) To endorse the concept for the proposal AFB/MIE/DRR/2010/1, in accordance with the operational policies and guidelines;
(b) To request the secretariat to transmit technical review sheet, contained in document AFB/PPRC.1/8, to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP);
(c) To further request the secretariat to transmit to UNDP the observations made by the members of the PPRC on the project when discussing it at the first meeting of the PPRC, listed under item (e) below and contained in annex III to the present report;
(d) To request UNDP to transmit the comments of the PPRC together with the technical review sheet to the Government of Pakistan; and
(e) To encourage the Government of Pakistan to submit a fully-developed project proposal through UNDP, and request UNDP to provide to the Adaptation Fund Board the clarifications requested in the technical review sheet, and in the comments of the PPRC, specifically:
i. The mandate of the Adaptation Fund is to finance concrete adaptation projects. This concept has a significant emphasis on awareness and knowledge related activities, even in the demonstration component. While those may be the best way to address the Glacier Lake Outbursts Floods risk, the justification for this approach would need to be given in the project proposal. Also, the proportion of actual risk management activities that go beyond policy recommendations should be ensured and illustrated in the proposal.
ii. The proposal should outline the demonstration activities and technical solutions more precisely to illustrate why they are a national priority. Consistency with national policies should be illustrated more specifically.
iii. Links with existing activities should be described in more detail. The proposal should explain how the project would be linked with and build on the existing regional project.
iv. Ways of community involvement and selection of beneficiaries should be described in more detail.
v. Justification of the 10 per cent management fee should be explained. 



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