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Decision B.11/12

71. Having considered the report of the Ethics and Finance Committee (EFC) and the presentation by the Chair of the EFC, the Adaptation Fund Board decided to: 
(a) Adopt the following statement: “The Board is pleased with the progress to date on the guidance document for project level results frameworks and baselines and requests the secretariat to submit a finalized document for review at the twelfth AFB meeting in December 2010. The document should include the project performance template as an annex.”
(b) Also request that:
(i) The finalized document be piloted with interested NIEs. The two NIEs accredited at the eleventh Board meeting: the Planning Institute of Jamaica and the Agencia Nacional de Investigación e Innovación , may be interested in piloting the document as they begin to prepare project and programme proposals. The NIEs comments and suggestions should be incorporated to further refine the guidebook. 
(ii) The finalized document should include a section on what “meeting costs of concrete adaptation” means for projects and programmes as well as 
identify sample activities that would not be considered concrete adaptation interventions. 
(c) Further request the secretariat that the RBM policy be updated as follows: 
(i) Project and programme proposals must include at least one or two outcome and output indicators from the Adaptation Fund‟s strategic results 
framework in project and programme design. This will allow the Adaptation Fund to track results at the portfolio level. 
(ii) Project and programme proposals should include a baseline for the project or programme, with a description of the problem to be addressed, and include indicator data. If however, major baseline indicators are not identified, the project or programme proposal should include a component for determining how that will be addressed within one year of implementation.
(d) Include in the guidance document an explanation of the Adaptation Fund’s RBM requirements as they relate to project/programme design.



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