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Decision B.12/39

Following a discussion, the Board decided that:
(a) Ms. Ana Fornells de Frutos (Spain, Annex I Parties), Mr. Amjad Abdulla (Maldives, Small Island Developing States), Mr. Santiago Reyna (Argentina, Group of Latin American and Caribbean Countries) and in consultation with Mr. Farrukh Iqbal Khan (Pakistan, Non-Annex I Parties) would  prepare terms of reference for a consultant to review the performance of the secretariat of the Adaptation Fund Board and the Trustee of the Adaptation Fund by January 31, 2011;
(b) Following the preparation of the terms of reference referred to in paragraph (a) the secretariat of the Adaptation Fund Board would prepare a budget estimate for the cost of the work of the consultant by February 15, 2011;
(c) The terms of reference and the budget estimate referred to paragraph (b) would be submitted to the Board for an intersessional decision once they had been finalized;
(d) Once the Board had approved the budget estimate and the terms of reference referred to in paragraph (c), the terms of reference would be posted on the websites of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Adaptation Fund together with a notice soliciting applications to undertake a review of the performance of the secretariat of the Adaptation Fund Board and the Trustee of the Adaptation Fund; and
(e) Any expression of interest to undertake the review referred to in paragraph (d) would be considered by the Adaptation Fund Board at its thirteenth meeting.



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