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Decision B.12/26

Having considered the recommendation of the Ethics and Finance Committee  (EFC) and the presentation by the Chair of the EFC on the  Project Level Results Framework and Baseline Guidance document  (AFB/EFC.3/3), the Adaptation Fund Board decided to:
(a) Invite technical comments on the guidance be sent to the secretariat and taken into consideration by February 14, 2011; 
(b) Request the secretariat to move forward and pilot the document by national accredited entities by February 14, 2011; 
(c) Instruct the secretariat to have the document finalized by the thirteenth Board meeting (March 2011);
(d) Ensure the completion of a professionally edited, formatted web-based version by the fourteenth Board meeting (June 2011); and 
(e) Develop an overall knowledge management strategy for the Fund to be presented to the Board at its fourteenth Board meeting (June 2011).



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