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Decision B.13/21

Following  the  intervention by the Chair of the Project and Programme Review Committee (PPRC), the Board decided to: 
(a) Approve the proposed amendments to the operational policies and guidelines contained in the annex to document AFB/EFC.4/9, except for the deletion of the word “ministries” in footnote 12 of that annex, taking into account the comments made by the members of the Ethics and Finance Committee (EFC) at its fourth meeting. The secretariat will incorporate the agreed text into the draft revised operational polices and guidelines for the consideration of the Board at its fourteenth meeting;
(b) Establish an ad-hoc committee consisting of two members from the PPRC and the EFC, as well as either the Chair or the Vice-Chair of the Accreditation Panel and two other members at large, to consider the issues outlined in sections II b) and c) of document AFB/EFC.4/9, as well as any other issue that may be deemed relevant, including in looking at the issue of audit and notification The ad-hoc committee, supported by the secretariat, should produce proposals for amending the operational policies and guidelines addressing the issues identified above. 
(c) Name the following members and alternate members to the ad hoc committee:
(i) Ms. Kate Binns, Vice-Chair of the Accreditation Panel;
(ii) Mr. Hans Olav Ibrekk, Chair of the PPRC;
(iii) Mr. Mirza Shawkat Ali, Chair of the EFC
(iv) Mr. Amjad Abdulla (Maldives, Small-Island Developing States); and
(v) Mr. Zaheer Fakir (South Africa, Africa).
(d) Request the secretariat to present a consolidated draft of the revised operational polices and guidelines to the fifth meeting of the EFC, incorporating any decision taken at the present Board meeting that may require further amendments. 



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