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Decision B.14/25

Following discussions, and having considered the recommendation of the Ethics and Finance Committee, as orally revised, the Board decided to:
(a) Establish an ad hoc working group, composed of the Chair and Vice-Chair, four members from the Ethics and Finance Committee and four members from the Project and Programme Review Committee, to consider the issues of regional criteria, country caps and the definition of regional projects/programmes;
(b) Name the following members and alternate members to the ad hoc committee: Ms. Ana Fornells de Frutos (Spain) and Mr. Luis Santos (Uruguay), respectively Chair and ViceChair of the Board,  Ms. Kate Binns (United Kingdom), Mr. Yutaka Matsuzawa (Japan), Mr. Santiago Reyna (Argentina) and Mr. Peceli Vocea (Fiji) from the Ethics and Finance Committee; and Mr. Cheikh Ndiaye Sylla (Senegal), Mr. Jeffery Spooner (Jamaica), Ms. Angela Churie-Kallhauge (Sweden) and Mr. Amjad Abdulla (Maldives) from the Project and Programme Review Committee; 
(c) Request the secretariat to send a letter to any accredited regional implementing entities informing them that they could present a country project/programme but not a regional project/programme until a decision had been taken by the Board, and that they would be provided with further information pursuant to that decision; 
(d) Defer consideration of the proposal contained in document AFB/EFC.5/6 until the 15th meeting of the Board, noting the importance of a decision at the 16th meeting so that regional programmes can be approved;
(e) Request the secretariat to revise the document, elaborating on the following issues:
(i) The interim nature of the country cap, and relationship to the cap on Multilateral Implementing Entities;
(ii) Added value of regional approaches; and
(iii) Quality considerations in regional projects and programmes, and related project/programme review criteria.



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