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Decision B.11/3

The Board, following  its approval of the  recommendation of the Accreditation Panel,  decided to:
(a) Approve the development of more user-friendly communications tools such as an operational manual or a step-by-step guide and a tool-kit to assist counties in the accreditation process for national implementing entities;
(b) Request the secretariat to expand the documents that had already been produced and make the accreditation application part of the tool-kit referred to in paragraph (a) above;
(c) Request the secretariat to make its best efforts to translate the materials mentioned in paragraphs (a) and (b) above into the official languages of the United Nations;
(d) Request the secretariat to make those materials available via the website of the Adaptation Fund as well as through USB memory sticks or CDs;
(e) Request the members and alternate members of the Board to provide information on international, regional and national meetings at which the 
materials referred to in paragraphs (a) to (d) above could be distributed in order to help facilitate the creation of national implementing entities (NIEs);
(f) Approve the terms of reference for a consultant, as contained in the annex to document AFB/B.11/4, to develop the took-kit mentioned in paragraph (a) above;
(g) Reduce from ten to three the number of years experience the consultant is required to have in communications for environmental issues at an international level; 
(h) Approve an allocation from the approved FY11 Secretariat and Board budget, as contained in the annex to document AFB/B.11/4, of US $40,000 for the work of the consultant and the production of the tool-kit referred to in paragraph (b) above;
(i) As part of the next budget to establish a provision to create a helpdesk for the accreditation process and to enable a few visits to applicants by a Panel member with the support of the helpdesk; and
(j) Request the Accreditation Panel to clarify the approved fiduciary standards and the supporting documentation requested and to submit its findings to the Board. This may lead to a review of the accreditation application in order to make it more understandable for the applicants.



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