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The Adaptation Fund Board received the Accreditation Panel’s report on its sixteenth meeting, which was held in Washington, DC on 5-6 May 2014. The report provides a summary of the Panel’s work since the last Board meeting (March 2014) and an update from the meeting.

Ten applications for accreditation are currently under Panel review. These applications include seven for potential National Implementing Entities (NIEs), two for potential Regional Implementing Entities (RIEs), and one for a potential Multilateral Implementing Entity (MIE). Details about the status of each application can be found in the report.
As stated in the report, the Panel is recommending the accreditation of one additional NIE, the Desert Research Foundation of Namibia (DRFN). After a two-week circulation period, if there are no objections from the Board, DRFN will be approved as an accredited NIE for the Fund.
Entities accredited by the Adaptation Fund are eligible to submit proposals for financing for climate adaptation financing, and when the proposals are approved, the implementing entities carry out the full project, from implementation through monitoring and evaluation.


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