NIE providing South-South Cooperation

Agence pour le Développement Agricole (ADA)

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South-South Cooperation Experience

Between 2014 and 2016, the Agency for Agricultural Development (Agence pour le Développement Agricole; ADA) has provided technical support and deployed the following principal actions:

  • ADA is currently supporting national entities from the public, private and banking sector in the accreditation process for direct access to climate finance.
  • ADA has facilitated several national workshops on direct access to climate finance in the presence of African and Arab countries.
  • ADA has co-organized with the Adaptation Fund, two international workshops on climate finance and accreditation process for the benefit of Francophone African countries and countries of the MENA region.
  • ADA is continuously improving its governance in the Sustainable Development area by putting in place tools listed below and which will be shared within the framework of South South Cooperation:
    • The Environmental and Social Safeguards Policy
    • The Investigation Function Manuel
    • The management procedure manual for projects proposals to be submitted for direct access
  • ADA is currently supporting two entities of the Democratic Republic of Congo on the formalization of adaptation projects to the Climate Change.
  • ADA is solicited to support entities from African countries in the process of accreditation with the AF, such the Chad and the Comoros Islands.
  • ADA except to provide support, as delivery partner, for the entities seeking assistance for accreditation process or for formalizing funding proposals for adaptation projects.