NIE providing South-South Cooperation

National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD)
Asia Pacific

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South-South Cooperation Experience

As an accredited NIE of the Adaptation Fund, NABARD is currently implementing five projects (US$ 7.4 million) whereas one project is in pipeline (US$ 2.55 million).

NABARD has provided technical support to six executing entities in India for project development and execution. It has also hosted one learning mission on accreditation.

As India’s apex development finance institution, NABARD is closely involved in central and provincial government ministries and departments, CSOs, corporates and financial institutions for programme / project development and implementation support, supervision, institutional development well as development of policy framework on these aspects.

NABARD has been accredited as Direct Access Entity for Green Climate Fund (GCF) in July 2015. It has also operationalised a domestic climate finance mechanism.

NABARD has all the requisite manpower to provide technical support on all aspects related to accreditation to international funding mechanisms viz. fiduciary standards, project cycle management, environmental and social safeguards and gender, etc.