[International Women’s Day 2024]

Empowering Women for Sustainable Change in Rural San Cristóbal Province, Dominican Republic

(March 8, 2024) — As we celebrate International Women’s Day, more women are taking the lead in combatting climate change, managing natural resources, and reshaping societal norms, challenging gender biases and power imbalances to enhance community resilience.

Discover the profound impact of the initiative in the Dominican Republic, funded by the Adaptation Fund and implemented by the Dominican Institute of Integral Development, across climate-vulnerable areas outside Santo Domingo, called ‘Enhancing resilience, adaptation, and recovery capacities in the face of climate risks on water resources for rural communities in the Province of San Cristóbal.’

With a focus on empowering women and youth leaders through community-led activities that are enhancing water and food security for 24,000 people (50% women) across more than 30 at-risk neighborhoods, the project is providing diverse opportunities for enhanced economic empowerment and active participation in decision-making process along the way. It is dedicated to ensuring active participation from women and placing special emphasis on recognizing their pivotal role as agents of change.

The Fund’s policies such as its own Gender Policy foster gender equity and equality, and empowerment of women and girls across its operations. Soon, the Fund will also release a new gender e-learning course on mainstreaming gender equality throughout the project lifecycle. Please find more information here on the coming course and the Fund’s gender work.