20th AFB Meeting

The following documents are related to this meeting of the Board and its committees.

Board Documents

Document Code Title Attached files
AFB/B.20/1/Rev.1 Provisional Agenda
AFB/B.20/Inf.2 Adaptation Fund Board Members and Alternates
AFB/B.20/Inf.1 List of Documents
AFB/B.20/6 Requirements for the Fund to Join the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI)
AFB/B.20/2 Annotated Provisional Agenda
AFB/B.20/5 Strategic Prospects for the Adaptation Fund
AFB/B.20/Inf.5 Agenda of the Civil Society Dialogue at the 20th AFB Meeting
AFB/B.20/3 Report on Activities of the Secretariat
AFB/B.20/Inf.4 Trustee Presentation: Update on Status of Resources and CER Monetization
AFB/B.20/Inf.3 List of Observers
AFB/B.20/4 Report of the Twelfth Meeting of the Accreditation Panel

Meeting Reports

Document Code Title Attached files
AFB/B.20/7 Report of the Twentieth Meeting of AFB (April 2-5, 2013)

Ethics and Finance Committee (EFC)

Document Code Title Attached files
AFB/EFC.11/1 Provisional Agenda
AFB/EFC.11/5 Options to Verify CER Balances at the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Registry
AFB/EFC.11/4 Adaptation Fund Trust Fund: Financial Report Prepared by the Trustee as at 31 December 2012
AFB/EFC.11/6 Board and Secretariat, and Trustee Administrative Budget for Fiscal Year 2014
AFB/EFC.11/2 Annotated Provisional Agenda
AFB/EFC.11/Inf.1 Joint Report by the Secretariat and the Trustee on the Status of the Pipeline
AFB/EFC.11/3 Analysis of Project Delays
AFB/EFC.11/7 Work Plan for the Fiscal Year 2014
AFB/EFC.11/Inf.2 Communication Materials Prepared by the Secretariat

Project/Programme Review Committee (PPRC)

Document Code Title Attached files
AFB/PPRC.11/1 Provisional Agenda
AFB/PPRC.11/3 Report of the Secretariat on Initial Screening/Technical Review of Project and Programme Proposals
AFB/PPRC.11/4 Proposal for Rwanda
AFB/PPRC.11/4/Add.1 Project Formulation Grant for Rwanda
AFB/PPRC.11/5 Proposal for Argentina
AFB/PPRC.11/6 Proposal for Belize
AFB/PPRC.11/7 Proposal for Ghana
AFB/PPRC.11/8 Proposal for Uzbekistan
AFB/PPRC.11/Inf.1 Revised Guidance Document for Project and Programme Proponents to Better Prepare a Request for Funding
AFB/PPRC.11/2 Annotated Provisional Agenda