(Washington, DC, 13 August 2014) The Desert Research Foundation of Namibia (DRFN) has been accredited as the Adaptation Fund’s seventeenth National Implementing Entity (NIE). DFRN will now be able to directly tap into the Fund’s financing for climate adaptation activities. Founded in 1990, DRFN is an NGO focused on maintaining a healthy natural environment that supports the livelihoods of the Namibian people.

Through the Fund’s fully-operational direct access modality, NIEs can directly apply for financing and manage all aspects of climate adaptation and resilience initiatives, from design through implementation and monitoring.
Becoming accredited by the Fund is a rigorous exercise that often leads to organizations making substantive changes in their operations. The Fund’s fiduciary standards are considered international best practice.
Viviane Kinyaga, Executive Director of DRFN believes that the commitment is worth it: “We are extremely delighted for the opportunity to be a NIE. The road towards accreditation has been a long one, with learning curves. It has helped us to strengthen our fiduciary systems, which make us a better-managed institution than we were two years ago. The process did not just prepare us to access finance from the Adaptation Fund but put us in a better position to attract supplementary funding from other sources. As an NIE we’ll be able to access finance that would allow us to help build the resilience of communities and enhance livelihoods.”
All developing countries are eligible to nominate an entity for accreditation. The Adaptation Fund secretariat processes accreditation applications on a rolling basis.
The Adaptation Fund finances projects and programmes that help vulnerable communities in developing countries adapt to the negative effects of climate change. Initiatives are based on the country needs, views and priorities. The Adaptation Fund was established under the Kyoto Protocol of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, and has committed US$ 226 million in 39 countries since 2010 to help vulnerable communities in developing countries adapt to climate change. The Fund is financed in part by government and private donors, and also from a two percent share of proceeds of Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) issued under the Protocol’s Clean Development Mechanism projects.
Media contact: Cathryn Poff, Sr. Communications Officer, Adaptation Fund Board Secretariat, cpoff@adaptation-fund.org or +1.202.747.4786


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