Photo: Nature Seychelles

[Nature Seychelles] First regenerative coral aquaculture facility using micro-fragmentation in Africa being built

A first batch of corals will be ready to be transplanted by July this year from the first regenerative coral aquaculture facility being built on Praslin, said Dr Nirmal Shah, the chief executive of Nature Seychelles, a not-for-profit environmental organisation.

The regenerative coral aquaculture facility designed to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change on coral reefs in Seychelles is a highly innovative project and the first of its kind in Africa.

It will be located at the Nature Seychelles‘ CORAL complex at Amitie, Praslin, the second most populated island of Seychelles.

Shah confirmed that the buildings are about 75 percent completed and that specialist equipment has already been procured. The facility will be powered by renewable energy, with solar panels mounted on the roof. The tanks are also ready.

“The construction of this facility is momentous for Seychelles and Africa as a whole. It will not only serve as a model for coral aquaculture but will also provide valuable insights into innovative approaches to combating climate change impacts for the region. We have a sustainability plan in place to produce at a large scale to supply corals to other coral reef restoration projects,”said the CEO.

Nature Seychelles said in a recent press statement that the construction of the facility known as the Assisted Recovery of Corals (ARC) began in November last year. This came after all necessary permits and rigorous requirements, including community engagement, environmental impact assessment (EIA), planning approval, road cutting for pipes, aquaculture license, and donors’ social and environmental screening, were secured.

The facility is financially supported by the Adaptation Fund through UNDP and the government of Seychelles, the global shipping and logistics company CMA CGM, and the Seychelles Conservation and Climate Adaptation Trust (SeyCATT).

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