Podcast Series: Building Climate Resilience
Hosted by Adaptation Fund Communications Staff

Episode 3: Managing Results-Based Adaptation Projects
Guests: Mahamat Assouyouti, Senior Climate Change Specialist, Adaptation Fund, and Martina Dorigo, Program Analyst, Adaptation Fund
Host: Matt Pueschel, Communications Officer, Adaptation Fund

Members of the Adaptation Fund (AF) discuss AF’s Results-Based Management Framework in the context of its diverse portfolio of projects and programmes, and how they are improving lives, livelihoods and ecosystems on the ground that support them.

The value of adaptation metrics in enhancing adaptation outcomes and progress to date was detailed through highlights from the Fund’s latest Annual Performance Report, knowledge study on portfolio monitoring missions, virtual project country-level visits and examples of AF projects that have been scaled up by other funds. How projects have adapted in the face of the pandemic, continued high demand for projects, as well as expanded programmes being offered in the portfolio such as new project scale-up, enhanced direct access, innovation and learning grants were also discussed.