The Environmental Management Agency (EMA) of Zimbabwe technical assistance grant for the Environmental and Social Policy and Gender Policy (TA-ESGP) seeks to enhance the capacity of EMA to assess and manage environmental, social and gender related issues and its compliance with the Adaptation Fund’s Environmental and Social Policy and Gender Policy.

Specific activities by EMA for the readiness grant include:

  1. Reviewing and revising manuals for screening projects for environmental and social risks as well as gender-related risks
  2. Strengthening manuals for undertaking project environmental and social risk assessment, gender assessment, and for formulating risk management plans are broad requiring strengthening to ensure gender responsiveness
  3. Developing a public disclosure and gender responsive consultation plan for projects
  4. Strengthening the Agency’s Grievance and Redress Mechanism
  5. Training of officers from vulnerable districts that are prone to climate shocks and hazards


Project Documents

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Project document PDF 1 MB
Inception Report PDF 236 KB
Monitoring Report 1 PDF 1 MB
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