The proposed project will be implemented in three dzongkhags, namely Dagana, Paro and Tsirang and 13 gewogs. These gewogs have been identified as priorities for intervention under the government’s “water flagship programme” due to their specific vulnerabilities exacerbated by climate change that need to be specifically addressed through targeted water and agricultural adaptation activities. These gewogs, put together, have a total population of 36,464 and cover a total area of 1,403sq km.

The project for climate resilience building in water stressed communities in Bhutan proposes an articulated approach that will lead to healthier ecosystems and improved associated services, better management of water use for human activities, improved information systems and decision-making, and linking with the most relevant level of governance. Issues related to water availability and use all along the watershed, the various components of sustainability (including at technical, financial and institutional level), and the participation of the beneficiaries are key aspects of the project.

Expected impacts of climate change will place additional stress on ecosystem-based livelihoods and on already vulnerable groups. As such, the project will focus on local level adaptation, increasing potential benefits for exposed or sensitive groups, and act as a force for change towards the foreseen improvements at different levels. The project aims to benefit 36,464 people directly and rehabilitate 21,251 hectares of natural habitats.

Project Component 1: Adaptive management of watersheds to enhance the climate resilience of communities US$ 565,790
Project Component 2: Climate resilient water infrastructure for uninterrupted supply of water for drinking and irrigation US$ 7,492,813
Project Component 3: Climate- smart agriculture through sustainable land management and informed agro- meteorological services US$ 661,481
Project Component 4: Improved local governance for effective CCA mainstreaming with focus on water management at the grassroots US$ 93,991
Project execution cost US$ 520,950
Total project cost US$ 9,335,025
Implementing Entity Project Cycle Management Fee US$ 663,930
Grant Amount US$  9,998,955


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