Lake Victoria Basin extends into five countries, namely Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, and Rwanda.

In the Lake Victoria Basin (LVB), climate change is inadequately integrated into regional transboundary water catchment management which is increasing the vulnerability of LVB communities. This problem is expected to intensify under the conditions of future climate change, specifically increasing variability in rainfall patterns and increasing mean annual temperatures.

The overall objective of this regional project is to reduce vulnerability to the negative effects of climate change in the five Lake Victoria Basin countries by building climate resilience. To achieve this objective, there are five project outcomes:

  1. Strengthened institutional and technical capacity to integrate climate resilience into transboundary water catchment management.
  2. Improved delivery of accurate and timely climate information to regional and national policymakers, technical officers and local communities.
  3. Climate change adaptation technologies transferred to communities to reduce their vulnerability to climate change.
  4. Regional resilience to climate change promoted through innovative, community-based projects.
  5. Improved knowledge management frameworks for the collection and maintenance of regional knowledge in transboundary water catchment management and climate change adaptation practices.

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Project Component 1: Improving regional management of a transboundary water catchment US$ 490,000
Project Component 2: Climate information dissemination US$ 450,000
Project Component 3: Regional approach to climate change adaptation in vulnerable communities US$ 1,700,000
Project Component 4: Community-based approaches to climate change adaptation US$ 1,250,000
Project Component 5: Knowledge management and learning US$ 318,489
Project Execution Cost US$ 399,806
Total Project Cost US$ 4,608,295
Implementing Entity Project Cycle Management Fee US$ 391,705
Grant Amount US$ 5,000,000


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