The project will be implemented in the transboundary area of Cuando-Cubango (Angola) and Kavango (Namibia). This area experiences changing weather patterns, drops/rises in water levels, and increased frequency of extreme weather events, such as droughts and floods.

To overcome this situation, the overall objective of the project is to enhance adaptation capacity and resilience of communities to climate change impacts and variability in the transboundary region between Angola and Namibia.

The project targets to consolidate synergies and adopt innovative and resilient food security actions and interventions from the selected SADC region countries including Namibia and Angola. The project intends to strengthen drought resilience through the following specific objectives:

  • To enhance local, sub-national and regional capacities to adapt and respond to climate change risks in the cross-border area of Angola and Namibia;
  • To build organizational and technical capacity for climate-resilient production and water management;
  • To improve food security in response to climate change impacts amongst rural and vulnerable communities in Cuando Cubango and Province and the Regions of Kavango East and Kavango West.

It is estimated that overall, the project will directly benefit 6,500 small-scale farmers (50% women), their families (+36,000 family members) through concrete adaptation interventions, while another 140,000 people will directly benefit from awareness campaigns and capacity building. An estimated additional 200,000 people will benefit from the project indirectly (25% of the provincial and regional population).

Project Component 1: Strengthening awareness, knowledge and capacity to adapt to climate change and variability at community-, district-, national and regional level USD 1,523,365
Project Component 2: Organizational and technical learning for climate-resilient production and water management USD 1,737,440
Project Component 3: Improving resilience of ecosystems and livelihoods through the implementation of community adaptation actions to improve food security in response to climate change and variability USD 6,860,050
Project execution cost (including M&E) USD 920,183
Total project cost (execution included) USD 11,041,038
OSS management fee USD 900,000
Grant Amount  USD 11,941,038


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