As a Small Island Developing State, the Republic of Mauritius is particularly vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change, especially along the coast, where accelerating sea level rise and increasing frequency and intensity of tropical cyclones will likely result in considerable economic loss, humanitarian stresses, and environmental degradation.


The programme focuses on combating beach erosion and flood risk in the coastal areas of Mon Choisy, Riviere des Galets, and Quatre Soeurs with a suite of infrastructure and natural protection, including sloped rock mounds offshore that are designed to deflect waves, mangroves and other shoreline vegetation to reduce erosion, and an increased number of public buildings on stilts. The programme will also support monitoring of the link between coastal processes and climate change to assess effectiveness of the coastal protection measures over time and help to develop an early warning system, to be staffed all day, every day, to alert communities to incoming storm surges. Finally, the programme aims to ensure that all policies, strategies, plans, and regulations are consistent in recognizing climate change impacts in the coastal zone over the next 50 years and provide frequent and accessible public information on climate change effects in the coastal zone in ways that facilitate decision-making by policymakers and private individuals and businesses.


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Component 1: Application of adaptation measures for coastal protection USD 6,465,700
Component 2: Early Warning System for incoming storm surge USD 133,705
Component 3: Training USD 394,025
Component 4: Policy Mainstreaming USD 350,050
Component 5: Knowledge Dissemination and Management USD 561,350
Project/Programme Execution Cost USD 500,000
Total Project/Programme Cost (= Project Component + Execution Cost) USD 8,404,830
Implementing Fee USD 714,410
Grant Amount (= Total Project/Programme Cost + Implementing Fee)  USD 9,119,240 


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