Floods in Samarinda occur almost every year and are always recurring, especially in the rainy season. Duration, height and extent of inundation happens to vary greatly. The duration of the floods that occurred ranged from 3-10 hours. This project aims to explore flood adaptation infrastructures as a new typology of public space to face climate adaptation, so enhance awareness of Indonesian and laid a concrete resilient groundwork in the face of the climate crisis. The project will support communities in absorbing and adapting to the impact of annual flooding and support communities in pre- and post-disaster and contribute to reduce the ecological footprint.

The selected public space, identified in consultation with Samarinda City Government, will act as multipurpose spaces within the specific framework of being in the first instance designed to support local communities to adapt to floods -not just in terms of physical response, and mainly focusing on the social response to flooding. The goal is to benefit around 2,855 people directly and 152,050 indirectly.

Project Component 1: Research and Development on city-wide adaptation to climate change through public spaces USD 109,206
Project Component 2: Awareness raising and local resilience strengthening through the design and implementation of a new public space typology USD 459,682
Project Component 3: Capacity building, knowledge management and communication USD 81,000
Project Component 4: Monitoring USD 38,288
Project Execution Cost USD 72,221
Total Project Cost USD 760,217
Kemitraan management fee USD 64,618
Grant Amount USD 824,835


Project Documents

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