The project objective is to educate new generations of environmentally cultured young change-makers (with particular focus on climate adaptation) in developing countries, through design and introduction of replicable and sustainable digital education solution for high school students in Armenia.

The project is anchored around the concept of accelerating utilisation of innovative adaptation practices, as special section of proposed gamified solution will be dedicated to identification of the latter and step-by-step education of project beneficiaries about their applicability, value added and impact. Additionally, an on-line contest will be organized for high-school students to stimulate their learning process.

The project will deliver this objective through five components:

  1. Establishing theoretical base for the gamified digital solution;
  2. Designing digital gamified educational module for high school students;
  3. Testing developed module among 100 schools located in different regions of the country;
  4. Advancing the module based on the results of the test-run and design trilingual mobile application;
  5. Facilitating knowledge sharing and application.

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