Mauritania is a large West African country particularly vulnerable to climate change-induced drought, decreasing rainfall and flash flood. The project aims to improve adaptation in the area of food security in Mauritania by assisting the government in improving technical services at the community level so that village residents, who will be most affected by climate change, can undertake their own analysis of climate change impacts and prepare detailed adaptation plans – including harmonized plans for livestock, land and water management and the overall use of natural resources. The project will also promote climate resilience by protecting threatened resources, such as dunes, community fuel wood forests, and water sources. Finally, villages will be encouraged to explore ways to diversify the sources of livelihood and receive training, coaching, and asset investments to do so. With respect to investments, the project will ensure that the assets created represent the most appropriate choice of technology, allowing the desired production, storage and marketing of outputs by villages and households. This will ensure future sustainability, including repair and replacement with local know-how and resources.

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Component 1: Support technical services and the communities they serve to (a) better understand climate risks, their impact on livelihoods and food security and (b) facilitate participatory decentralized adaptation planning USD 1,789,456
Component 2: Design and implement concrete adaptation measures identified through community adaptation planning that aim to combat desertification and land degradation USD 2,498,250
Component 3:Design and implement concrete adaptation measures identified through community adaptation planning that aim to diversify and strengthen the livelihoods of the most vulnerable population USD 2,253,520
Project/Programme Execution Cost USD 684,335
Total Project/Programme Cost (= Project Components + Execution Cost) USD  7,225,561
Implementing Fee USD 578,044
Grant Amount (= Total Project/Programme Cost + Implementing Fee)   USD 7,803,605  


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