In the northeast Argentina, 80% of the producers belong to small-scale family agriculture. Agricultural production is dominated by livestock production and crops. During recent years, the region has experienced a noticeable increase in the annual mean precipitation and changes in annual mean temperatures. In addition, the frequency of extreme precipitation has increased. Due to these changes, droughts and water deficit but also more frequent and intense floods are affecting the lives of small-scale agricultural producers.

The main objective of the project is to increase the adaptive capacity and to build resilience of small-scale family agricultural producers in the face of climate change and climate variability impacts, particularly those deriving from the increase in the intensity of hydro-meteorological events, such as floods and droughts.

The specific objectives of the project are:

  • To enhance the resilience of small-scale agricultural producers from the Northeast in light of climate change and variability.
  • To strengthen hydro-meteorological and agro-production monitoring systems to improve the institutional capacity of assessing, and planning for, climate change impacts in the agricultural subsistence systems.
  • To enhance institutional capacity, both at national and provincial/local level, for decision making and management of the implementation of adaptation measures and actions to address climate change and variability in northern Argentina.

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Project Component 1: Improvement of the capacity of adaptation to climate change and variability of small-scale family producers of North-eastern Argentina USD 3,499,380
Project Component 2: Strengthening of information, monitoring and climate information management systems USD 1,404,370
Project Component 3: Generation of local and regional capabilities on the impact of climate change and variability and implementation of adaptation measures USD 456,250
Total Project Cost USD 5,360,000
Implementing Entity Project Cycle Management Fee USD 280,000
Grant Amount USD 5,640,000


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