Jamaica is a small island developing state in the Caribbean and particularly vulnerable to hurricanes, floods, storm surges, droughts, and other climate-related hazards. The programme by several Jamaican government agencies seeks to protect the livelihoods and food security of people living in seven of the country’s 14 parishes by improving water harvesting and management, as well as erosion and flood control. The programme will also support climate resilient coastal management in Negril.


The sites selected for programme intervention will cover seven of the 14 parishes in the country: Westmoreland, Manchester, Clarendon, St. Mary, St. Ann, Trelawny and St. Thomas.

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Component 1: Protect Negril’s beaches from coastal erosion caused by intense storms and sea-level rise by building breakwater structures USD 5,480,780
Component 2: Enhancing the climate resilience of the agricultural sector by improving water and land management practices through water storage, soil conservation, microdams, small-scale irrigation, and other initiatives USD 2,503,720
Component 3: Improving institutional and local level capacity for coastal and agricultural adaptation and awareness raising for behavior modification through training, the design of replicable technical standards, and spreading information on effective adaptation measures USD 785,500
Programme Execution Cost USD 415,000
Total Programme Cost USD 9,185,000
Project Formulation Grant USD 30,000
Grant Amount USD 9,965,000 


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