Changing rainfall patterns, longer dry periods, and more potent and frequent natural disasters are all threatening the freshwater resources of the Maldives, a cluster of tiny islands off the coast of India. In order to ensure reliable and safe freshwater supply for the communities of Mahibadhoo, Ihavandhoo and Gadhdhoo, the project intends to plan and install groundwater protection and recharge measures using surplus rainwater and improved management of wastewater; redesign existing rainwater harvesting schemes; interconnect isolated units to ensure equitable water supply in dry periods; improve the structural integrity of rainwater collection and storage systems against extreme weather events; integrate filter elements to improve safety of freshwater supply; improve septic tank maintenance and redesign wastewater management; and apply desalination technology to ensure supply capacity of at least 20 liters per person per day during dry spells and climatic extremes.

The project will also introduce a range of communication, awareness and training activities intended to enable public, private and communal stakeholders (including water suppliers, planners and users) to effectively engage with each other and participate in the inclusive development, allocation and planning of water resource use on their home islands. Finally, a campaign will be launched to present the findings from the project to different public entities, political authorities, utility companies and development partners, as well as other atolls and islands with similar degrees of vulnerability. This campaign will integrate all administrative regions and aim at the replication of the project approach in at least four other inhabited islands. Exchange programmes to the target sites in Mahibadhoo, Ihavandhoo and Gadhdhoo will be facilitated to promote learning and transfer of experience on climate-resilient freshwater management. At the level of the central government, a consultative mechanism will be created that allows the integration of project experiences into the design and rollout of new water management projects and schemes.

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Component 1: Establishment of integrated, climate-resilient water supply and management systems in Mahibadhoo, Ihavandhoo and Gadhdhoo USD 7,320,398
Component 2: Increase participation in the development, allocation and monitoring of freshwater use in a changing climate USD 110,000
Component 3: Replication and upscaling of climate-resilient freshwater management USD 80,000
Project/Programme Execution Cost USD 774,602
Total Project/Programme Cost (= Project Component + Execution Cost) USD 8,285,000
Implementing Fee USD 704,225
Grant Amount (= Total Project/Programme Cost + Implementing Fee)   USD 8,989,225 


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