The overall objective of the project is to increase local communities’ resilience to climate change through resilient livelihoods and integrated natural resources management. 72. The project will deliver this objective through three outcomes:

  1. Outcome 1: Climate proofed institutional frameworks and local development plans at regional and local level;
  2. Outcome 2: Ecosystems resilience to climate change is strengthened through monitoring and better knowledge of their status and vulnerability;
  3. Outcome 3: Sustainable management of natural resources and ecosystems leading to climate resilient ecosystems, green jobs creation for youth, women and resilient livelihoods.
  4. Target groups: The project will directly benefit 8,800 rural households with defined quotas of 50% women and 40 % youth. The project will develop an operational plan to address gender gap in the targeted regions.
Project Component 1: Mainstream climate change adaptation into institutional and regulatory frameworks plans for improved land and natural resources management at regional and local level USD 1,400,000
Project Component 2: Improve knowledge on ecosystems’ vulnerability to climate change, ecosystem-based adaptation and climate smart businesses opportunities USD 1,300,000
Project Component 3: Adaptation to climate change measures are implemented to increase climate resilience of targeted communities Adaptation to climate change measures are implemented through incentives instruments leading to increasing the resilience to climate change of targeted communities and areas USD 6,000,000
Project execution cost USD 500,000
Total Project Cost USD 9,200,000
Implementing Entity Project Cycle Management Fee USD 782,000
Grant Amount USD  9,982,000


Project Documents

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