The project aims to improve food security in Antigua and Barbuda by facilitating the availability and use of ground or surface water for agricultural purposes via innovative technologies. The proposed technologies for demonstration purposes run on self-generating renewable power, making them resilient to disruptions from grid instabilities or extreme climate events. Currently, water for agriculture is provided by reverse osmosis (RO) plants or through surface water catchments. The electrical grid that powers the RO plants run on heavy fuel oil, creating a large dependency for both the food and water sector on the importation and combustion of fossil fuels. This project will introduce technologies that have not been tested in the Agriculture Sector of Antigua and are new to the market.

The project will deliver this objective through two components:

  1. Test the use of innovative technology to increase availability of water for agriculture;
  2. Standards and policy developed to ensure sustained availability of water for agriculture.

Project Documents

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