Costa Rica is experiencing the effects of increasing temperatures and intensity of extreme rainfall. These effects, due to climate change, are increasing the vulnerability of the water resources of the country, threatening the sustainable production of agricultural resources that promote food security and livelihoods, as well as negatively affecting mangroves and coral reefs, which serve as protective barriers to coastal communities.

Objectives: The objective of this programme is to reduce climate vulnerability by focusing on critical sectors (agriculture, water resources, and coastal zones) in order to reduce the negative impacts of climate change, and improve the resilience of those populations. This program will seek to increase climate resilience by working directly with local stakeholders and anticipated beneficiaries through the implementation of adaptation projects in each of the geographical areas selected. Projects submitted by local organizations have been screened and the preselected proposals went through an in-depth assessment of their potential for the enhancement of climate resilience, which involves an analysis of the actions’ appropriateness, based on the local biophysical and socioeconomic context. The support will consist of investment in interventions, technical assistance, and training related to this plan.

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Component 1: Increasing the adaptation capacity to climate change in the agricultural sector (including agriculture and livestock)

USD 3,000,000

Component 2: Improving water resources management in order to increase resilience in coastal communities that are more vulnerable to climate change

USD 3,449,010

Component 3: Improving the capacity of communities, producers, institutions, and other relevant stakeholders regarding adaptation to climate change

USD 1,900,000

Project/Programme Execution Cost

USD 860,000 

Total Project/Programme Cost (= Project Components + Execution Cost)

USD 9,216,590  

Implementing Fee

USD 750,000

Grant Amount (= Total Project/Programme Cost + Implementing Fee) 

USD 9,970,000



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