Climate change and climate variability are impeding development efforts on Dionewar Island on the west coast of Senegal. Under the combined effects of climate change and human activities, over 38% of the mangrove swamp in the Saloum estuary has disappeared according to the estimates. This degradation has led to significant ecological and economic losses. One of the main consequences is the opening of a breach along the Sangomar Arrow (a sand spit), which threatens the existence of several human settlements and has contributed to the degradation of the mangroves due to increased salinity. The village of Dionewar is among those most affected.

This project aims to address the threats posed by the dual effects of climate change and marine coastal erosion on the village of Dionewar. The overall objective of the project is to reduce the vulnerability of populations in Dionewar to flooding. The resilience of natural habitats and populations will be enhanced through the implementation of protective measures, revival of the main productive sectors and promotion of local adaptation strategies to cope with the adverse effects of climate change.

The specific objectives are to:

  1. Improve the resilience of the productive sectors such as fishing, oyster farming and forestry to natural hazards.
  2. Reduce the vulnerability of populations and natural habitats to hazards through the establishment of structures to better regulate flooding and fight against land salinization.
  3. Enhance Communal Development Planning through integration of climate change, setting up local conventions and documenting lessons learned.

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Project Component 1: Enhancing resilience of main ecosystems on Dionewar island US$ 374,807
Project Component 2: Protection against flooding and salinization in Dionewar US$ 550,442
Project Component 3: Strategic planning and knowledge management US$ 100,250
Miscellaneous US$ 92,376
Project Execution Cost US$ 118,290
Total Project Cost US$ 1,236,165
Implementing Entity Project Cycle Management Fee US$ 114,835
Grant Amount US$ 1,351,000


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