Adaptation measures taken in Pekalongan City to address climate change issue are somewhat lacking in evaluation that derives from the non-existent of a comprehensive climate risk assessment. A such complex issue such as climate change needs across-the-board measures to be able to address the issue effectively, and from its roots. Considering that most of the risks are deriving from changes in climate indicators, hence it is of importance to develop climate risk assessment prior to intervening with different projects, so that the projects results can be tracked back to the initial level of risk.

It is this gap that this proposed programme tries to bridge, by implementing comprehensive approach encompassing technical assessment, planning, intervention, and also monitoring and evaluation; which will be supported by framework and measures to fortify institutional mechanism on climate adaptation and resilience issue. In practical the programme components will be started with identifying the roots of the problem (climate risk assessment) and followed by developing and implementing the adaptation plan (in the form of intervention projects) which results can be tracked back to the problem; while simultaneously building stakeholders’ capacity and advocating climate resilience policy along the course of the programme.

This programme will focus on building resilience to climate change impacts in Pekalongan City, one of the coastal cities in Central Java Province (in North Coast of Java region), by employing interventions in the form of not only hard structure but also soft structure; touching not only physical interventions but also building their socio-economic and institutional capacity.

Project Component 1: Enhancing protection along the coastal line of Pekalongan City USD 1,329,480
Project Component 2: Enhancing coastal community capacity in developing and implementing Local Climate Change Adaptation Action Plan (RAD API), climate change information system, Climate Smart Initiative USD 1,008,148
Project Component 3: Strengthening vertical coordination by enhancing provincial government’s capacity in mainstreaming climate change adaptation and resilience into Central Java Province development plan which in turn could foster better climate-related policy on climate financing and bottom-up planning USD 194,815
Project Component 4: . Strengthening vertical coordination and collaboration between national and local government in climate adaptation context and Enriching knowledge, toolkits and methodologies coastal resilience for the national government USD 271,852
Project Component 5: Improving community’s resilience through initiation of alternative livelihood and improvement of sanitation facility USD 2,521,091
Project Execution Cost USD 559,018
Total Project Cost USD 5,325,386
Implementing Entity Project Cycle Management Fee USD 88,266
Grant Amount USD  5,972,670


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