In the context of extreme vulnerability of family farmers to climate change in dry land East Guinea-Bissau, the overall objective of the project is to strengthen practices and capacities in climate-smart agriculture in the project region and at institutional level. Through the project’s activities, food security and livelihoods are to be strengthened at household level while simultaneously increasing capacities in climate risk management and adaptation planning at all levels of governance.

The project will be implemented in the northern parts of Bafata and Gabu regions in the sectors of Sonaco, Pirada, Pitche, Gabù, Cuntoboel and Ganadu. Food insecurity affects 14% of the population in Bafata and 15% in Gabu.

The project will address key vulnerabilities in agriculture and water resources management, and thus contribute to immediate and longer-term development and resilience needs of extremely vulnerable farmers, with a particular focus on extremely vulnerable groups: women, elderly and children.

The three specific objectives of the project are:

  1. Develop technical and institutional capacity of government and civil society (private sector, local communities, NGOs) to address increasing climatic risk in climate change adaptation planning;
  2. Enhance the resilience of existing agricultural productive systems and contribute to the diversification of production, including via implementation of climate-resilient water control and management actions to minimize risks from intense droughts and floods;
  3. Promote knowledge dissemination of lessons learned on climate-smart agriculture and adaptation planning to other regions of the country, other countries in West Africa and to international climate change negotiations and fora, including the UNFCCC process.
Component 1. Development of technical and institutional capacity to address the increase of climate risk with the adaptation practices and planning US$ 700,000
Component 2. Enhance the resilience of existing agricultural productive systems, including water control and management measures US$ 7,500,000
Component 3. Knowledge management of lessons learned on climate-smart agriculture and adaptation planning US$ 150,000
Project execution cost US$ 798,000
Total project cost US$ 9,198,000
Implementing Entity Project Cycle Management Fee US$ 781,000
Grant Amount US$ 9,979,000


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