The objective of proposed SWAHAT project is enhancing resilience and adaptation of semi arid rural communities to climate change-induced impacts of drought, floods and water scarcity.

This will be achieved through strategic water harvesting technologies that will contribute to improved crops, aquaculture and livestock productivity, reforestation as well as combating emerging crops and livestock pests and diseases.

The conceptual design of the water harvesting dam has been designed to ensure afforestation of the catchment before the dam thus prevention excessive siltation. The constructed or rehabilitated dams will supply water for all the proposed resilience and adaptation enhancing integrated innovations to be implemented on the semi-arid landscapes. In addition, synergism between aquaculture and agricultural activities will be done to enhance nutrient recycling and improve resource use efficiency. Nursery for fruits and forest trees as well as vegetable gardens will be established and supply seedlings for afforestation and horticulture. Pastureland and animal husbandry infrastructure will be established downstream of the dam for improved productivity and supply of manure for soil fertility improvement. The afforested landscape will integrate apiary units, provide fuel wood and restore habitats for biodiversity conservation. All these integrated approaches will contribute to livelihoods diversification to improve adaptation and resilience capacity to climate change of the semi-arid communities and the surrounding ecosystem.

Project Component 1: Installation and rehabilitation of community water harvesting dams and facilities USD 436,571
Project Component 2: Develop and implement participatory afforestation program for locally adapted fruit and forest trees USD 164,540
Project Component 3: Develop integrated climate resilient livelihoods diversification through improved technologies in agriculture USD 172,815
Project Component 4: Formulate and implement interventions for integrated management of emerging climate change related pests and diseases that affect crops and livestock productivity USD 68,900
Project Component 5: Enhancing Learning and Knowledge Management: Increase capacity of vulnerable semi arid rural communities in adaptation to impacts of climate change through adoption of various technologies from SWAHAT project USD 241,920
Project Execution Cost USD 103,051
Total Project Funds USD 1,084,746
Implementing Entity Project Cycle Management Fee USD 92,203
Grant Amount USD  1,280,000


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