The project aims to accelerate the development of climate change adaptation and mitigation technologies in marine-coastal areas, especially island countries (large and SIDS), through the strengthening of an international micro ecosystem of accelerated technological co-creation. This development of technologies, in this micro ecosystem, is mainly carried out by companies in the Dominican Republic and the leverage of resources is combined between private sector resources from the United States and multilateral resources from multilateral funds, such as the Adaptation Fund.

For the test of an initial prototype or minimum viable product of a pilot system of distributed generation of drinking water based on thermo solar desalination, it has been decided to identify a community in Montecristi in the northwest of the Dominican Republic.

The project will deliver this objective through three components:

  1. Development of the technology including the prototype for testing at a Dominican Republic University;
  2. Pilot test of prioritized adaptation technology in a selected community in Dominican Republic;
  3. Knowledge management to capture and disseminate lessons learned.

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