The aim of the project is to build climate resilience into the agricultural value chain, while at the same time improve productivity, product quality, food security and reduce poverty. It will do this through the promotion of climate resilient agricultural techniques, water-efficient climate-smart irrigation technologies, mainstreaming Conservation Agriculture (CA) into the higher educational system and promoting research into CA. The USD 6 million Talent Retention for Rural Transformation Adaptation Component TRTP-Adapt will be fully integrated into the USD 50.51 million IFAD Talent Retention for Rural Transformation (TRTP) project, for which a combined IFAD/Adaptation Fund full-project design mission took place in April 2019.

The project objective is to “strengthen the agro-ecological and social resilience to climate change in the climate vulnerable areas of Moldova, by enhancing water availability, water use efficiency, and promoting adaptive agriculture production systems and technologies for improved livelihoods and food security of rural households.”

Project Component 1: Capacity development to integrate CC adaptation into agricultural production systems US$ 804,738
Project Component 2: Climate-resilient Agricultural Investments US$ 4,054,000
Project Component 3: .Development of the National Framework for Conservation Agriculture supported US$ 464,000
Project Execution Cost US$ 214,677
Total Project Cost US$ 5,537,415
Project Management Implementing Entity Fee US$ 470,680
Grant Amount USD 6,008,095


Project Documents

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