The Dominican Institute of Integral Development (IDDI) technical assistance grant for the Environmental and Social Policy and Gender Policy (TA-ESGP) seeks to enhance the capacity of IDDI to assess and manage environmental, social and gender related issues and its compliance with the Adaptation Fund’s Environmental and Social Policy and Gender Policy.

Specific activities by IDDI for the readiness grant include:

  1. Developing an institutional environmental and social management program
  2. Update and creation of a manual with more developed procedures to make environmental and social assessment
  3. Analysis and improvement of the gender policy of the public executing institutions
  4. Creating a committee in charge of receiving complaints related to environmental, social and gender risks and other adverse impacts during projects implementation and to resolve them
  5. Training of select entity staff to carry out the relevant tasks related to the implementation of the Fund’s Environmental and Social Policy and the Gender Policy



Project Documents

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