The Micronesia Conservation Trust (MCT) of the Federated States of Micronesia technical assistance grant for the Gender Policy (TA-GP) seeks to enhance the capacity of the MCT to assess and manage gender related issues and its compliance with the Adaptation Fund’s Gender Policy.

Specific activities by the MCT for the readiness grant include:

  1. Development of Gender Policy and updating the guidelines for screening projects for environmental and social risks with measures to avoid, minimize and/or mitigate adverse gender impacts in accordance with the Adaptation Fund’s Gender Policy.
  2. Development of procedures for undertaking gender assessments to assess the potential roles, benefits, impacts and risks for women.
  3. Development of Policy for public disclosure and consultations that are gender responsive.
  4. Update grievance mechanisms for receiving and addressing complaints related to gender inequalities and other adverse gender impacts caused by projects/programmes.
  5. Training of staff to carry out the relevant tasks related to the entity’s institutional framework for gender mainstreaming.

Project Documents

Attachment Type Size
Inception Report PDF 152 KB
Project completion report PDF 323 KB