Washington, DC, July 6, 2009 –  The Adaptation Fund Board met for the Sixth time in Bonn, at the UNCCD headquarters, on June 15 to 17, 2009, and was informed about the first sales of CERs on behalf of the Fund.

The Board made considerable progress in evolving an institutional mechanism which would allow countries to directly access resources from the Adaptation Fund. In this regard, it also advanced the discussion on fiduciary standards that the national and international implementing entities shall meet in order to access the resources from the Fund. The Board expects the complete Operational Guidelines to be adopted at the next meeting, enabling it to initiate the accreditation processes and to call for project proposals.


The Board heard presentations by the two countries which have put forward offers to confer legal capacity and to host the Adaptation Fund Board; Germany and Barbados. A decision is expected to be taken at the next Board meeting for endorsement by the Kyoto Protocol Parties in Copenhagen.


The Board established two Committees; the Ethics and Finance Committee and the Project and Program Review Committee; the members of the committees elected their respective Chairs and Vice-chairs. Their terms of reference and general guidelines were adopted.


The Board decided on its logo, based on a worldwide competition with many good proposals.


The Board also expressed its sincere gratitude to the students from the Marienschule, a High School in Euskirchen, Germany, for collecting and donating Euros 117.09, the first voluntary contribution to the Fund. The next Board meeting will be held in Bonn on September 14 to 16, 2009.