UNDP Ghana, February 2, 2021

UNDP Ghana: Greening agricultural produce for people and the planet: the story of a Social Entrepreneur in Ghana

Meet Abdullah Hamza, the young social entrepreneur, doing amazing work in the Northern Region of Ghana. Hamza has a business model he calls ‘greening commodities’, which is contributing to the fight against climate change.

“Young people like me who read agriculture-related courses in schools do not necessarily need to seek employment but only need the skills and a little capital to be self-sustained”, Abdullah Hamza stated.

With his greening commodities business model, Hamza and his team are nursing economic and indigenous tree seedlings such as cashew, shea, and African locust bean, popularly known as “dawadawa” tree, which they supply free of charge to farmers to plant in their farms. Following a set of criteria, the selected farmers are trained and certified as green farmers. The team then provide support to these farmers on best agricultural practices and purchase produce including maize, shea nut, groundnut, and soya beans from their farms at a premium price for onward supply to companies, businesses, processors, and industries that are keen on shifting from sourcing raw materials from deforested to sustainable areas.

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