[UNDP]: Locally Led: A Gallery of Innovative Grassroots Adaptation Solutions

Around the world communities are on the frontlines of accelerating climate change. Innovative solutions are urgently needed, and at scale.

Operating within the Adaptation Innovation Marketplace – launched in 2021 by the UN Development Programme Administrator to support local access to climate finance – the UNDP-implemented Adaptation Fund Climate Innovation Accelerator (UNDP-AFCIA)is dedicated to propelling grassroots adaptation, with a special focus on civil society, non-government organizations and entrepreneurs, especially youth, women, and indigenous people.

Funded by the Adaptation Fund and the European Union, UNDP-AFCIA has so far provided 44 micro and small grants to locally led organizations in 33 countries.

From South Asia to Central America, the Sahel to the Pacific, here are just some of the inspirational local champions supported under the programme.

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